Do Postage Stamps Expire in 2023? (Tips Inside)

Do Postage Stamps Expire in 2023? (Tips Inside)

You can’t deny that postage stamps are still necessary in a world where digital messages dominate. We all know that postage stamps are one of our traditions.

Do postage stamps expire in 2023? You might be wondering about it. Fear not, dear readers, for we are here to quell your concerns and dive into the captivating world of postage stamps.

Let’s find it out now.

Do Postage Stamps Expire?

Do Postage Stamps Expire

This common question often arises when people find old stamps tucked away in drawers or envelopes.

The good news is that postage stamps do not have an expiration date. Once you purchase a stamp, it retains its value indefinitely, allowing you to use it whenever you send mail.

You can always use purchased postage stamps to cover the cost of sending letters or packages, no matter how long you bought them. But you should know that used postage stamps are no longer good for mailing needs.

How Do I Know If My Stamps Are Still Good?

Are your stamps still valid? It’s easy to find out. Check the denomination on the stamp to ensure it matches the current postage rate. You’re good to go if the stamp value corresponds to or exceeds the current rate and they are still in good physical condition.

As much as possible, the number indicating the stamp’s value must remain visible if it is a denominated stamp.

Can You Use Old Stamps When the Price Goes Up?

The answer is YES!

Even if the postage rates have increased since you purchased those stamps, you can still use them. The value of the stamp remains the same, and you can make up the difference by adding additional stamps to cover the updated postage rate.

When you find yourself with a collection of old stamps, calm down! They can still mail letters. Combining them with newer stamps allows your mail to reach its destination without any issues.

Can You Reuse A Postage Stamp?

the cancellation mark on stamps


You cannot reuse a used postage stamp. Once a stamp has been used to send mail, it is considered “canceled” by the postal service. Reusing a canceled stamp is prohibited and can lead to mail being returned or delayed.

The cancellation mark applied to the stamp indicates that the postage has already been used. Postal regulations require each mail piece to have valid, uncanceled postage to ensure proper processing and delivery.

Therefore, always use new and uncanceled stamps when sending mail to avoid any issues.

How About Forever Stamps? Do They Expire?

do forever stamps expire?

Of course Not! Forever Stamps never expire!

The USPS issues a unique variety of postage stamps called forever stamps. These stamps are specifically designed to retain their value even if postal rates increase in the future.

A Forever stamp is valid for mailing a one-ounce letter, regardless of when it was purchased.

Later, when you have a Forever Stamp bought last week or several years ago, you can use it anytime without worrying about expiration.

Tips For Using Old Stamps

Tips For Using Old Stamps

Even though stamps never go out of date, you should know these 3 things before using an old stamp on a letter.

  • The stamps are in good shape: Make sure the stamp is still in good shape. If your stamp is broken, torn, or in such bad shape that it can’t be read, the postal service will not accept it.
  • Don’t tape or glue: The stamp must also be able to stick on its own to the letter. If you need to tape or glue it together, the post office will also not accept it. What if your stamps don’t stick? Take them to the post office for help or trade them with stamp collectors. Neither will mind.
  • Unused stamps only: Similarly, if your old stamp already has a postmark from the post office, it has already been used. You won’t be able to use the stamp again.

FAQ About Postage Stamps?

Q: What Should I Do If I Find Defective Stamps?

If you come across defective stamps, you should:

Examine the stamps closely to identify any visible issues. Common defects may include misprints, torn edges, or ink smudges. If you notice any such problems, don’t worry, as postal services typically offer solutions.

Reach out to your local post office to report the defective stamps. They will guide you on the necessary steps to resolve the issue. In most cases, they will either replace the defective stamps with new ones or provide a refund for the value of the damaged stamps.

Q: How do I know if a stamp will be rejected?

A stamp, no matter how old, will be rejected if:

The edge is broken or torn.

The stamp’s price or value is hard to read, blurred, smeared, or hidden.

If you put tape over the stamp to ensure it sticks to the envelope, the USPS says this is a reason to reject it (and officially, gluing will also be a reason to reject it).

Q: Do Stamps Have Tracking Numbers?

The answer is NO.

Stamps, by themselves, do not come with tracking numbers. Tracking services are typically associated with specific shipping methods, such as express or priority mail. These services involve additional fees and provide a unique tracking number that allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment.

You can also create an account at to print USPS tracking labels.


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