How Much Are Postcard Stamps? [2023 Updated]

How Much Are Postcard Stamps? [2023 Updated]

Sending postcards is a delightful way to share memorable moments with loved ones, but understanding the postage requirements can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. Do postcards need stamps? Where should the stamp be placed? How much do postcard stamps cost in 2023?

Hey, take it easy! It’s not a quiz. We are here to help you.

In this article, we will show you the mysteries of postcard stamps, providing you with all the essential information about postcard mail easily. Come on!

Do Postcards Need Stamps?

Do Postcards Need Stamps?

Yes. Stamps are indeed necessary for postcards.

Just like regular mail, postcards require postage to ensure they reach their intended destinations. Stamps prove that the appropriate postage has been paid for the delivery of your postcard.

So, before dropping your postcard into the mailbox, make sure to affix a stamp to it. Your postcard may not be processed or reach its destination without a stamp.

Where to Put Stamp on Postcard?

Where to Put Stamp on Postcard

To ensure smooth delivery, affix the stamp to the top right corner of the side where the address is written

This positioning allows postal workers to quickly identify and process the postage while keeping the front of the postcard free for your message and any delightful images you’ve chosen to share.

What Is the Cost of Postcard Stamps 2023?

On July 9, 2023, the USPS increased postage prices again. Most postage rates went up, including postcard postage.

For sending domestic postcards, it costs you $0.51, up 3 cents from $0.48.

Mailing international postcards costs you $1.50, an increase of 5 cents compared with $1.45.

Why Are Postcard Stamps Cheaper?

You may have noticed that postcard stamps are often priced lower than regular stamps. Why? Why are postcard stamps cheaper than regular stamps?

Here are 2 possible reasons for that:

  1. Postcards are smaller and lighter compared to regular letters or packages. Since they have standardized dimensions and are generally lighter, they require less processing and handling by postal workers. This results in lower postage costs for postcards.
  2. To encourage using postcards as a cost-effective and convenient means of communication, postal services offer lower-priced postcard stamps.

Are Postcard Stamps Different From Regular Stamps?

Are Postcard Stamps Different From Regular Stamps?


Postcard stamps may look similar to regular stamps, but key differences exist. The main distinction lies in their denominations and intended use.
Intended Use

Postcard stamps are specifically designed for mailing standard-sized postcards, while regular stamps are intended for mailing letters and other standard-sized mail items.

From the above content, we know that the postcard stamp has a lower value than regular stamps, as mailing postcards cost $0.51 while mailing other regular stamps costs $0.66.

Thus, using the correct type of stamp ensures that your mailing is properly processed and reaches its destination without any delays.

Can Postcard Stamps Be Used on Regular Mail?

Can Postcard Stamps Be Used on Regular Mail?

Sure. They can be used for regular mail as long as the postage value matches the requirements.

That is to say, you’ll pay an additional postage price if you use postcard stamps on letters or regular mail. For example, sending a standard 1-ounce letter requires a stamp whose postage rate is 66 cents. But a postcard stamp covers 51 cents, which is insufficient.

Therefore, you must pay an extra 25 cents for regular mail; you’ll stick the second stamp on the regular. Or you can use two postcard stamps for a letter or regular mail. (But hey, that is not beneficial for you!)

So it’s recommended to use the appropriate stamps for the type of mail you are sending. Postcard stamps are best reserved for postcards, while regular letters should be used for letters and larger mail items.

Are Postcard Stamps Forever?


You can see the denomination “Postcard” on the postcard stamps. The term “Postcard” on the stamp denotes the value of the stamp. These stamps, like Forever Stamps, will always be valid for the rate printed on them.

What’s more, you can buy postcard stamps in bulk, and no need to worry about the expiration date.

How Much Postage Does a Postcard Need in 2023?

How Much Postage Does a Postcard Need in 2023?

Depending on the postcard size, you’ll need either a postcard stamp, which costs $0.51 each now, or a 1-ounce stamp to send a postcard in 2023. Most postcards can be mailed with a postcard stamp, but oversized/large/jumbo postcards need the same amount of postage ($0.66 per stamp) as a one-ounce first-class letter.

To use a postcard stamp, your postcard must be:

  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick (index card thickness)
  • 4-1/4 inch high x 6 inch length maximum
  • Rectangular

If it exceeds certain dimensions, the post office considers it a letter and requires a one-ounce stamp to mail it. If you need help deciding which stamp to use, the postage calculator will tell you exactly how much you’ll need for your postcard.

To be certain, take your postcard to your local USPS post office, where they can inform you how much postage is needed.

3 Postcard Stamp Recommendations

Finally, I recommend the 3 most famous postcard stamps for you.

Barn Postcard Forever Stamp

This postcard stamp depicts barns in different seasons, with 4 scenes formed into one postcard stamp. It was issued in 2021.

This stamp honors rustic beauty by showcasing a picture-perfect barn amidst lush surroundings. Mailed domestically, it ensures your postcards will arrive promptly. Experience the joy of sending postcards with the Barn Postcard Forever Stamp, available now at!

Start your stamps collection with our 100 PCS Barn Postcard Forever Sheet of US Postal First Class Stamps. Buy forever stamps now!

Coral Reefs Forever Postage Stamps

The Coral Reefs Forever Postage Stamp is an ode to the beauty of our underwater world. Each stamp showcases vibrant coral reefs teeming with life, transporting you to an enchanting realm. It was issued in 2019.

With every letter you send, spread awareness and support for the conservation of coral reefs. Cherish these stamps on letters, invitations, and packages, spreading awareness of our delicate marine ecosystems with every mailing.

Get 100PCS Coral Reefs Forever USPS Postage Stamps to adorn your postcards with vibrant underwater imagery using these unique postcard stamps.

Coastal Birds Postcard Postage Stamps

Capture the beauty of nature with these stunning stamps featuring a variety of coastal birds in their natural habitats. From graceful seagulls to majestic pelicans, each stamp showcases these magnificent creatures’ intricate details and vibrant colors.

These forever stamps ensure your postage remains valid regardless of future price changes. Available for purchase starting in 2013, they are a must-have for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike!

Coastal Birds Postcard Stamps


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