How Much is a Forever Stamp? And Its Value?

How Much is a Forever Stamp? And Its Value?

In the postage world, one question continues to captivate everyday mailers: How much is a Forever stamp now, and what makes it so special? A Forever Stamp value varies yearly.

This article can answer how much a Forever Stamp costs and how many stamps you need for your snail mail. Say nothing. Continue to scroll down, and you’ll undoubtedly find more surprises.

How Much is a Forever Stamp?

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Forever stamps hold a special charm for avid stamp collectors and everyday mailers. The attraction lies in the everlasting Forever stamp value. The price of regular stamps changes when the mail rate changes. But the prices of Forever stamps don’t.

So, how much is a Forever Stamp? What is a Forever Stamp value?

A Forever stamp costs 66 cents, starting from July 9, 2023. But don’t worry. The Forever stamp you purchased less than 66 cents before remains valid for mailing a standard one-ounce letter.

It protects you from the risk of unexpectedly high postage costs due to fluctuations in postal rates.

How do prices of a Forever Stamp vary?

January 22, 2017$0.49
January 21, 2018$0.50
January 27, 2019$0.55
January 26, 2020$0.55
January 24, 2021$0.58
January 23, 2022$0.60
January 22, 2023$0.63
July 9, 2023$0.66
(Price Chart)

So, consider the everlasting Forever stamps next time you need postage stamps. They offer affordability, flexibility, and timeless aesthetics, making them an excellent choice for practical postage needs and philatelic pleasure.

What affects the Forever stamp value?

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As much as we appreciate the convenience and stability these stamps offer, it’s natural to wonder about the possibility of future price adjustments. The truth is the cost of Forever stamps is subject to change, driven by various factors influencing the postal industry.

The USPS carefully evaluates the ever-evolving landscape of mail delivery and operating expenses. When operational costs rise, such as fuel prices, labor expenses, or inflation, USPS may consider adjusting postage rates to ensure the sustainability of their services.

These adjustments, if necessary, can result in a change in the cost of a Forever stamp.

July 9 has seen the second increase in Forever stamps price in 2023.

July 9 will see an increased price in forever stamp

I can tell you that it will cost more to mail a letter soon.

This year, the USPS has increased the price of Forever First-Class stamps twice. Let’s see the detailed changes in the Forever stamp value in July.

  • Starting July 9, it costs 66 cents to send a one-ounce letter with a Forever stamp instead of 63 cents.
  • The price of mailing a one-ounce letter that is weighed has gone up from 60 cents to 63 cents.
  • The price for extra ounces of mail stays at 24 cents, and it costs 51 cents for a letter instead of 48 cents.
  • Also, sending a one-ounce letter or postcard to another country costs $1.50 instead of $1.45.

Fortunately, Forever stamps alleviated concerns about price fluctuations. By purchasing Forever stamps at the current rate, individuals can hedge against future price increases.

Thus, if you want to save on the cost of Forever stamps in bulk, don’t hesitate! The earlier you buy Forever Stamps, the less money you spend.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Letter in the United States?

Do you often wonder, “How many stamps do I need to send a letter?” Figuring out the right number of stamps can be confusing. But don’t worry! We have a solution. We have a table. This table shows how many stamps you need for letters of different weights. This is for sending within the United States.

Letter Weight (ounces)Number of Stamps RequiredTotal Postage (USD)
1-ounce letter($0.66)1 Domestic Forever Stamp$0.66
2-ounces letter($0.90)Plan A: 1 Domestic Forever Stamp + 1 additional ounce stamp
Plan B: 2 Forever stamps
3-ounces letter($1.14)Plan A: 1 Domestic Forever Stamp + 2 additional ounce stamps
Plan B: 2 Forever stamps
3.5-ounces letter($1.38)Plan A: 2 Domestic Forever Stamps + 1 five-cent stamp + 1 one-cent stamp
Plan B: 3 Forever stamps

To ensure your letter reaches its destination smoothly, it’s crucial to calculate the right postage. Factors such as weight, size, and destination all play a role in determining the number of stamps required.

Fortunately, the USPS offers a user-friendly postage calculator on their website. With this valuable resource, you can easily match the weight and dimensions of your mail. This way, you can determine exactly how many stamps you need for a letter.



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