Why can we offer forever stamps at a substantial discount?

Postagestampsdeals is a stamp dealer, an Internet sales business based on traditional stamps.

We obtain Forever stamps at lower prices from multiple distribution channels in the marketplace, offering users more affordable for their buck at prices lower than traditional channels.

In the market, there are many sources where you can purchase discounted Forever stamps.

I’ll give you some examples below to give you an idea of this market!


Stamps.com is a site that advertises a lot, so you may already be familiar with them.They offer several different features as part of their membership, which comes with a four-week free trial that includes a digital postal scale for free and $5 in postage.You don’t have to sign a contract to sign up, and their membership costs $17.99.That gives you access to several products, such as digital postage and actual stamps, which are offered at 47 cents apiece, a savings of 11 cents for each stamp.


Another online stamps marketplace that you can use to find the cheapest stamps, BuyDiscountStamps.com, offers some pretty significant savings if you order enough.
You can purchase rolls of stamps or sheets that offer 20 stamps — just like you can get at a Post Office.
One of the site’s downsides is requiring a minimum order of $500.
This may not be worthwhile for individuals unless you can go in with others. They do offer free shipping, though.
If you can meet that minimum, the reward is a big discount. A sheet of 20 stamps sells for $10.44 at their site, a 10% discount.
Rolls of 100 stamps sell for $52.20, an 11.5% discount.


The mega-retailer is a great source for stamps, whether you send lots of postage or are just a college student on a budget.
One current Walmart listing offers a roll of 100 forever stamps for only $25.95.
That’s only 26 cents per stamp, a 130% discount over the 60 cents that forever stamps will increase in July 2022.
To get the best deals from Walmart on stamps, you’ll need to buy a bulk order of at least 100 stamps, but you can use them forever.
There may also be shipping costs and a waiting time, of course.


Overstock is a popular online marketplace where you can buy almost anything, including forever stamps.
They aren’t always offered on the site, but sometimes you can catch a pretty good deal.
Even if the stamps aren’t discounted, Overstock offers a 15% discount for all orders if you sign up for email notifications.
That’s a solid offer you can apply to your purchase of stamps.


Target is another huge retailer that has stores almost everywhere. They sell postage stamps but mostly for the current retail price of 58 cents.
An advantage to buying at Target is that you could use rewards dollars from shopping there to purchase your stamps.
This could drive the price of the stamps down considerably.


Staples is another office supply store that offers stamps at its retail location.
Again, these stamps hardly ever go on sale or are offered a discount from their current 58-cent-per-stamp price.
However, they also have a great rewards program where you can get discounts on all your purchases.
Plus, there are stores located all across the country.


CVS is a major pharmacy but offers other home and office products like Walgreens.
They don’t often offer discounts on stamps, but you can qualify for huge discounts on products by signing up for a free shopper’s card there.

You can purchase stamps today at a discount from the regular retail price in many places.

You can get coupons in other forms anywhere for regular-priced stamps and very large discounts on stamps. And Postagestampsdeals is to gather these channel resources, to get a lot of low-cost into the purchase of stamps, and then through the online sales to obtain a certain profit while allowing users also to get the benefit.

So don’t worry about the stamps being counterfeit; of course, we don’t exclude that we will procure counterfeit products, and if misfortune befalls us, we will bear all the losses and will not let our users receive losses.

Perhaps you’ve understood our entire business model, so feel free to make your purchase!



    John Thomas is a seasoned writer with a passion for stamps. Born and raised in a family of collectors, John grew up with a keen interest in philately. Over the years, he has honed his expertise in this field and has become an accomplished author of several books and articles on stamp collecting.

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