The First US Flag Stamp was Released on July 4

The First US Flag Stamp was Released on July 4

On July 4, 1957, the United States Post Office introduced its inaugural postage stamp, featuring the US flag as its central motif. This US flag stamp, also notable for being the first to utilize the Giori press, enabled the printing of the design in its authentic colors in a single step. How did this stamp […]

The First U.S. Joint Issue Stamps Came out on This Day in History

The First U.S. Joint Issue Stamp Came out This Day in History

On June 26, 1959, the United States of America issued its inaugural joint issue stamps in collaboration with another nation. The United States and Canada worked together to build the seaway, a crucial link between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. In honor of the successful finishing of the St. Lawrence Seaway, this critical […]

On This Day in 1942, The V-Mail Service Was Launched

On This Day in 1942, The V-Mail Service Was Launched

On June 15, 1942, the Post Office Department inaugurated its V-Mail Service.Prior to the war, ships, and airplanes that operated on regularly scheduled routes transported mail intended for an overseas destination. Under the provisions of the Universal Postal Union, a friendly Europe ensured their safe and swift delivery. Background of That Time All of this […]