Explained: What Are Forever Stamps and How Do They Work?

Explained: What Are Forever Stamps and How Do They Work?

What are Forever Stamps? If you are curious, check our comprehensive guide that demystifies Forever Stamps and sheds light on how they work. Forever Stamps are more than just postage; they’re a clever solution to the ever-changing postal rates.
In this article, we unravel the concept behind Forever Stamps, their benefits, and how they can simplify your mailing experience. With Forever Stamps, you can ensure your mail is always covered at the prevailing First-Class Mail rate, no matter how prices evolve.
Get ready to unlock the secrets of Forever Stamps and revolutionize how you approach postage.

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What Are Forever Stamps?

Forever Stamps are special postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that hold their value regardless of future price increases. Introduced in 2007, Forever Stamps were created to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for sending mail without worrying about the constantly changing postal rates.
When purchased, a Forever Stamp is valid for mailing a one-ounce letter at the prevailing First-Class Mail rate. Even if the postage rates increase in the future, the Forever Stamp retains its original value and can be used to send that one-ounce letter without requiring additional postage.

The benefits of Forever Stamps

One of the conveniences of Forever Stamps lies in their ability to save customers from constantly needing to buy additional stamps to match new postal rates. They offer peace of mind, allowing you to stock up on Forever Stamps at the current rate and use them whenever you need to send letters or cards in the future.
Moreover, Forever Stamps are versatile and can be used for various types of mail, including letters, cards, and lightweight packages, as long as the weight does not exceed the designated limit for a one-ounce letter. They can also be used for domestic and international mailings, making them a practical choice for various postal needs.

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About Purchasing Forever Stamps

Purchasing Forever Stamps is straightforward. They are available at local post offices, online stores (Postage Stamps Deals), authorized retailers, and various online platforms. You can buy them in individual stamps, rolls, or sheets, and there are often different designs to choose from, allowing you to personalize your mailings.
It’s important to note that while Forever Stamps retain their value indefinitely, they are only valid for one-ounce letters. Suppose you need to send heavier mail or items requiring additional postage. In that case, you’ll need to supplement the Forever Stamp with additional stamps or pay the required postage difference at the current rate.
All in all, the introduction of Forever Stamps revolutionized the way people handle postage, simplifying the process and ensuring that your stamps retain their value for the long term. So, try Forever Stamps next time you send a letter or card.

How do Forever Stamps work?

The mechanism behind how Forever Stamps work is relatively straightforward. When you purchase a Forever Stamp, it is sold at the prevailing First-Class Mail rate. This rate is the standard cost to send a one-ounce letter. However, unlike regular stamps tied to specific postage rates at the time of purchase, Forever Stamps retain their original value even if the rates change in the future.
Forever Stamps maintain its total value by mailing a one-ounce letter regardless of any future price adjustments in postage rate. This means that once you have purchased Forever Stamps at a particular rate, you can send one-ounce letters without adding additional postage, even if the rates have increased since your purchase.
For example, if you purchase a Forever Stamp when the postage rate is $0.55 for a one-ounce letter, and the rates increase to $0.60 in the future, you can still use that same Forever Stamp to mail your one-ounce letter without adding an extra $0.05 in postage. The Forever Stamp covers the difference, ensuring your mail remains valid regardless of future rate changes.
Forever Stamps ensures your mail will reach its destination without needing extra postage, regardless of any future changes in postal rates. Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of Forever Stamps, and say goodbye to the hassle of keeping up with fluctuating postage prices.

Can Forever Stamps Expire?

No, Forever Stamps do not expire, and the essence of Forever Stamps is that they hold their value regardless of future price increases. Once purchased, a Forever Stamp retains its original value and can mail a one-ounce letter without requiring additional postage, even if postal rates change.
Whether you bought Forever Stamps a month or several years ago, they remain valid for sending one-ounce letters at the prevailing First-Class Mail rate. This makes Forever Stamps incredibly versatile and suitable for various types of mailings.

How Many Forever Stamps for International Letters?

The number of Forever Stamps required for an international letter depends on destination, weight, and prevailing postage rates.
While Forever Stamps are primarily for domestic mail, they can be used for international mail with additional postage. To calculate the precise amount, consult the USPS website or local post office for up-to-date information.
To avoid delays or returned mail, it is recommended to confirm the postage requirements with USPS customer service or visit a local post office. By ensuring proper postage, you can ensure smooth and timely delivery of your international letters.


In brief, Forever Stamps are a practical and convenient solution for postage, ensuring that your stamps retain their value regardless of future price increases.
So, why hassle with keeping up with fluctuating rates? Invest in Forever Stamps and simplify your postage experience today. Visit your local post office or go to Postage Stamps Deals to get your collection of Forever Stamps. Purchase Forever Stamps and experience the ease of postage that lasts forever!

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