What Is an Additional Ounce Stamp? Cost and Designs

What Is an Additional Ounce Stamp? Cost and Designs

While many are familiar with standard postage stamps, the Additional Ounce Stamp quietly plays a pivotal role when the weight of the letter exceeds the typical standard. Its purpose becomes evident as we explore the diverse shapes, colors, and themes grace these stamps.

Throughout this article, we will demystify the concept of the Additional Ounce Stamp and unveil the cost considerations.

So, without further ado, read along to see what you will learn about the additional ounce stamp.

What Is an Additional Ounce Stamp?

What Is an Additional Ounce Stamp?

An additional ounce stamp is crucial in covering the extra weight of a mailpiece that surpasses the standard limit. To put it simply, when your letter or package is a little heavier than the standard rate allows, attaching an additional ounce stamp ensures its proper postage and delivery to its intended destination.

The biggest benefit of an additional ounce of stamp lies in its ability to save money. In the newest postage rate of 2023, the cost of an additional ounce stamp is $0.24. If your mail weighs 2 ounces, you can use a forever stamp plus an additional ounce stamp, which costs $0.66 + $0.24 = $0.9. But if you use two forever stamps to cover the postage, you’ll need to pay $0.66 + $0.66 = $1.32.

Therefore, using a forever stamp combined with an additional ounce stamp to cover 2-ounce postage saves $1.32-$0.9=$0,42.

What Does Additional Ounce Mean on Stamps?

“Additional Ounce” refers to any weight of mail that exceeds the standard weight limit allowed for regular postage rates. When sending mail heavier than the standard limit, you need to use additional ounce stamps to cover the extra weight.

Each additional ounce of stamp has a specific value, allowing you to add the required postage to ensure smooth transit of your mailpiece. These stamps can be combined with regular stamps to meet the precise postage needs of your mail.

How Much Is an Additional Ounce Stamp?

How Much Is an Additional Ounce Stamp?

According to the latest postage price, an additional ounce stamp remains $0.24, much cheaper than a forever stamp ($0.66).

Therefore, buying a book of additional ounce stamps will cost $0.48 (20 pieces). Buying a roll of additional ounce stamps will cost $24 (100 pieces).

Can I Use Additional Ounce Stamps Alone?

Yes, you can decide not to use the forever stamp when mailing.

The Postal Service only cares what denomination stamp you use as long as it covers the postage.

However, it would help if you considered different situations, or you might end up paying more.
For example, if you send a one-ounce stamp (66 cents), you’ll need 3 additional ounce stamps to cover one ounce of the letter ($0.24*3=$0.72). This means that when you want to send, you need to buy an additional ounce stamp worth $0.72, which is more expensive than a forever stamp of $0.66.

Nevertheless, it becomes profitable when you mail more than one ounce.

The logic behind it is to use one forever stamp for mailing the one-ounce weight of the letter, then introduce the additional ounce, especially when the weight is not a whole number. 

Are Additional Ounce Stamps Forever?

Are Additional Ounce Stamps Forever?

As for the expiration date, the additional ounce stamp is valid forever; you can use it whenever and how much you bought it.

The only stamps exempt from this rule are those with a dollar value printed on them.

All USPS stamps, except those with a numerical value printed on them, remain valid for their indicated purpose even if the price of postage increases. To that extent, they are all “forever” stamps.
Therefore, a stamp marked additional ounce will remain valid to pay the extra ounce of postage forever.

How Can I Identify an Additional Ounce Stamp?

Identifying an additional ounce stamp is simple, as these stamps are distinctly marked to signify their purpose.

Look for the words “Additional Ounce” or “Additional Postage” along with the value (e.g., “15 cents” for an additional ounce stamp) printed clearly on the stamp’s design. These stamps might have specific designs or colors to distinguish them from standard stamps.

In some cases, the stamp may also display the specific value it represents, indicating the additional weight it covers.

Can I Use Additional Ounce Stamps for International Mail?

Yes. You can use additional ounce stamps for international mail as long as they cover international postage. It’s better to use global forever stamps combined with additional ounce stamps for international mail.

The Global Forever Stamp covers up to 2-ounce letters when sent to Canada. All other countries require an additional ounce of postage, up to a maximum of 3.5 ounces.

3 Designs of Additional Ounce Stamps

This part introduces 3 well-known non-denominated additional ounces stamps. See what they are:

Additional Ounce Stamp: School Bus Forever

Order 2023 USPS stamps today! Check out our School Bus Forever Stamps for a fun way to send mail.

This additional ounce stamp was released on January 5, 2023, and features a yellow school bus. It is produced in both sheet and coil formats for bulk buying. The USPS “celebrates the iconic yellow school bus and its place in the nation’s collective childhood” with this stamp.

The design’s beige and tan backgrounds give it a vintage yet timeless feel. The design is a reminder of the decades of service provided by school buses and drivers in the United States. It also reflects the many changes and upgrades made to school buses. It’s forever valid; investing in this one is a good option.

Brush Rabbit on U.S. Additional Ounce Stamp

Brush Rabbit on U.S. Additional Ounce Stamp

This rabbit additional ounce stamp was issued on January 24, 2021, in a pressure-sensitive adhesive pane of 20 stamps and a coil of 100 stamps. The brush rabbit is a little brownish cottontail rabbit native to the West Coast of the United States and Baja, California, Mexico.

The stamp design shows the rabbit facing left in a relaxed crouch with its ears up and facing outward. The common name “BRUSH RABBIT” is lettered beneath the animal, with its scientific name “Sylvilagus bachmani” lettered in a gentle curve following along the rabbit’s upper back.

Uncle Sam’s Hat Additional Ounce Postage Stamp

Uncle Sam's Hat Additional Ounce Postage Stamp

Uncle Sam’s Hat Additional Ounce Postage Stamps on February 18, 2017. It came in a pane of 20 stamps with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

With the publication of Uncle Sam’s Hat in 2017, the United States Postal Service honored one of the most well-known patriotic figures.

The stamp depicts eight top hats like Uncle Sam, with red and white vertical stripes above a blue band bearing a white star and a gray brim. Under each hat is an oval form that looks like a face. Each face is a different color, which is meant to show how many different kinds of people live in the United States.

Bottom Line

The additional ounce stamp is so important in our mailing service. It’s cost-saving and convenient.

This article concludes that an additional ounce stamp costs $0.24 each. And you can use additional ounce stamps alone or combine them with forever stamps, even for international mail. Moreover, they stay forever valid; buying bulk saves can you a lot of time.

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